Vision Statement
Shelva’s Help provides holistic options for adolescent and adults in their approach to cognitive and physical skill development.   Guests will be able to obtain tangible results on their progress in a group program or independent courses.  The goal is to create opportunities for the onlooker as well as the active person with regressive cognition to be able to select programs which best compliment their current skill set and the way they learn.


  As a teacher and certified TEACCH for Autism Teacher few locations gave me hope for the cognitive skills development my children needed.
Shelva's Help is a fun, physical and cognitive skill strengthening program for adolescents and
 high school graduates with regressed cognition.  We have a curriculum designed to provide participants with tools for greater social engagement in their home and community.  Participants will be able to track their progress on tasks and apply their new safety skills at work, as well as in their community.


 Shelva's Help
Strengthening Class times are 8:00am to 9:30am  & 10:00am to 11:30am

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Designed to enable more people to transition from onlooker to active participant

Shelva's Help was founded by Kellye Jones to honor the lessons Shelva Jones dedicated her life to sharing. Shelva Jones (Kellye’s mother) was a teacher who espoused the belief that everyone has the capacity to learn and learning should be inclusive as well as fun. Shelva’s commitment to help continues as Shelva’s Help strives to ensure persons with regressed and delayed physical activity needs can access available resources for cognitive, social and physical skill development.    Shelva's Help is committed to awarding scholarships to persons with limited physical challenges empowering them to enjoy success on courses with adaptions, simplicity of use and certificate rewards and of most of all fun.  We hope to see you and your family at Beyond My Expectations soon.

In a recent conversation with Ron Mangum, Clinical Assistant Professor of UNC Chapel Hill’s Social Work Research Projects he stated, “Beyond My Expectation’s 8am to 10am hours offer participants support, understanding, and acceptance utilizing an approach which includes Peer Support. Evidence shows Peer Support being effective in engaging consumers recovering by offering hope and sharing their experiences prior to entering recovery. Peer Supporters are also a...ble to share the benefits of remaining connected to these formal supports which intern reduces frequency and intensity of future episodes.”
Wellcome Middle School Head Football Coach Lance Saunders added, "Children are often given the "quick fix" with medicine which only temporarily fixes the problem in comparison to what we plan to offer. To help children develop skills for life through physical activity which will also help with the ongoing issue of childhood obesity.”
Hannah Hahn owner and operator of Living with Autism, an adolescent group home for persons with autism, states,” Keeping our residents active and healthy is a main concern. As children reach adulthood there are significantly fewer recreational options available in the community. Beyond My Expectations 8:00am to 10:00am hours would provide a great opportunity for our residents. They require different types of physical activity and this concept would provide a variety of activities for them to participate in.”

Discussion with Dr.  Ashforth

According to Dr. Qionna M. Tinney Railey, MD, FAPA, “teenagers develop new ways to solve problems. Beyond My Expectations is designed for ages 10 to 16 and presents a new opportunity to incorporate cognitive development with physical activity.”

The Operation #bMe Scholarship Application

The Operation #bMe Scholarship Application will work to ensure individuals challenged with the threat obesity and the social concerns of autism or Parkinson’s Disease can attend the Shelva’s Help Programs

Completed scholarships applications are reviewed monthly and scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis.  New scholarship recipients will be notified on the 15th of every month.

   Please return your completed application to:  [email protected]

Name:  _____________________________________________________________________________   Date:  _________________________
Address:  ____________________________________ City:   _____________________________________ State:  _____ Zip:  __________-_
Phone:  (primary)   _______________________   Home Work:   _______________________________________________________________    
Mobile: (secondary) ______________________  Email: ______________________________________________________________________
Name:  ___________________________________________________________________________     Date:  __________________________
Address:  ____________________________________ City:   ___________________________________ State:  _____ Zip:  _______________
Phone: (primary)   _______________________   Home Work:  _________________________________________________________________    
Mobile: (secondary) __________________   Email: __________________________________________________________________________
3. TYPE OF ESTABLISHMENT:  _______________________________________CODE___________________________________________
Name:  _______________________________________________________________   Date:  _________________________________________
Address:  ____________________________________ City:   _______________ State:  ___ Zip:  _______________________________________
Phone: (primary)   _______________________   Home Work:  ___________________________________________________________________    
Mobile: (secondary) __________________   Email: ____________________________________________________________________________
Name:  _______________________________________________________________   Date:  __________________________________________
Address:  ____________________________________ City:   _______________ State:  ___ Zip:  _______________________________________             
Phone: (primary)   ________________________   Home Work:  __________________________________________________________________    
Mobile: (secondary) __________________   Email: ____________________________________________________________________________
ACCESSIBILITY CONCERNS   Are there any additional concerns about a location selection which may impact your access and safety?  (For example stairs, heights, weight limitations, etc.)
6. ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION _____________________________________________________________________________________
I understand that signing and submitting this application does not in itself make me a Shelva’s Help scholarship recipient.   I understand that I will under no circumstances be considered a recipient of a scholarship reward until I have received an email notification and follow up phone call with my verification code.  

Signature:___________________________________________________________ Date:_____________


Raphael has two cousins with autism that are 
age 13 and weigh 200+ pounds

A high school teacher discussing the social and cognitive benefits of physical activity for individuals with cognitive delays.

Dr. Simmons

Chapel Hill Group Home Coordinator
believes repetition is important to keep her clients present.  She recommends caregiver and therapeutic weekend leave with parents so that clients will not forget skills learned

An Education Consultant sees a benefit in using Shelva's Help everyday 

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